Dorm Room Ideas

For seniors this is a SUPER crazy time of year – there is one thing on our minds: college. We’re stressed about where to go and what is going to be the best fit for us, but in the midst of all the craziness there’s still a very important thing to be thinking about, and that’s dorm rooms ideas!!!!

It’s all about making the most of what you’re given. Some might have the luxury of their own bedroom while others might be sharing a small space with another person. Wherever you’re living, there are plenty of things to make your new home great!

First off, storage is soooo important. Carts are super great for holding all sorts of belongings. They can be used for makeup, food, bathroom supplies or even a super cute coffee stand!! You can find these at Target, on Amazon or anywhere that sells storage. There’s a variety of colors and all different types to help fit your needs and color scheme.

The goal is to make your new space as homey as possible, so cute additions such as signs and fun color palettes can help create a comfortable feel. I personally have a jewelry obsession, so a fun area to hang my jewelry will be a must to add to my dorm!! Also having a color palette with my roommate will be a fun way to find stuff that fits and matching the area.

There are obviously the necessities you need to bring with you to college, and even small items that you wouldn’t even think to bring, like an abundance of extension cords, and medicines for whatever sickness comes your way.

The college transition is definitely a crazy time, but make sure to sit back and enjoy the fun parts before this big part of your life happens!!!



Mackenzie Rose

Lipstick Essentials


For any makeup look, I think it’s the lipstick that completes it. I carry a plethora of lipsticks in my purse because you really never know what color you’re going to be feeling that day! If you’re anything like me, you like to have options. So this post is going to highlight some of the lipsticks that I think everyone should add to their collection.

You have to start off every look with a good lip liner. Trust me, it makes all the difference in the world when applying your lipsticks. I have two favorites that I always keep in my lipstick bag, and the best part is they’re both drugstore products which means they’re cheap!!! For mauve and pinky colored lipsticks, I use the Wet n Wild lip liner in the Bare to Comment shade. For natural lipsticks I use the Nyx Retractable Liner in the shade Nude. Both of this colors go on so smoothly!!


Mac lipsticks are definitely one of my favorites. They have such a wide range of colors and they feel so good on your lips. The picture below is the Kinda Sexy shade. This is mostly a soft pink color that is great if you want to add a pop of color to any outfit!

image1 (1)

Another great Mac lipstick shade is Mehr. Seriously, this color is beautiful! It has a really pretty mauve color with a comfortable matte finish. There is something about this color that is irresistible!


Last but not least, Velvet Teddy is my favorite Mac Lipstick. This color is so perfect for any outfit and looks good no mater how many times you have to reapply. It is the perfect combination of mauve and nude, giving me a really natural look anytime I put it on.

image3 (2)

Enough of Mac, the NYX Lingerie liquid lip is one of the best drugstore lines out right now. They are so light weight and last all day. The photo above is the shade Ruffle Trim. It’s a beautiful darker, but natural color for my skin tone that has the same compelling results as Velvet Teddy. These liquid lips are seriously matte. The best part is, you can find them at any drugstore near by!!

image3 (1)

Can we please talk about this packaging of this Tarte lipstick?!?! Not going to the lie, one the only reasons I picked up this lipstick was because of the packaging. These lipsticks have a really pretty satin finish that is super comfortable. The picture above is the shade Surfs Up, and it has a nice rustic red color on your lips. It’s really pretty shade for the cooler months because it adds warmth to your lips!!

image2 (1)

This next Revlon lipstick is another drugstore favorite. These lipsticks have a super comfortable finish and the colors are so pretty. This is the shade Brazilian Tan! It’s a nude color with a comfortable satin wear to it. It’s perfect to throw on if you’re in a hurry!


Anastasia has my favorite line of liquid lips. All the shades are super wearable and feel light weight on your lips. You wont need to the reapply this throughout the day, and the colors goes on so smoothly. This is the shade Stripped, and this is my go to nude color. These lipsticks are so worth the $20!


Hopefully you will add some of these beautiful colors to your lip bag and let me know if you try any of these colors!!!


Mackenzie Rose

Living the 5’9″ life

IMG_7693 (1).JPG

For the longest time, I was insecure about my height.

I am a girl who is almost 5’ 9″… which for a girl is pretty tall! Throughout middle school I was actually one of the shortest ones among my friends, but then one day I was about 2-3 inches taller than them all. Now I’m basically all leg.

Compared to all of my friends, I felt I awkwardly stood out and it made me uncomfortable. At church, I used to stand with one leg bent to try and make myself seem shorter. The worst part was heels. Now being a pageant girl and just a girl in general, I LOVE heels. Half of my shoe collection consists of an arrangement of heels. When I wear heels I am about 6 feet tall. Talk about sticking out! With heels I am often the tallest girl in the room! I can even be taller than most guys.

It drove me insane. I would debate for 20 minutes on whether or not to wear heels with an outfit or if I should just go with the flattest shoe possible. At this time I was feeling very bad about the way I looked. Not only was I insecure about my height, but then I began to pick out my imperfections. I felt maybe I needed to change who I was to fit in other was since my height wasn’t helping me. Being a perfectionist did not help the fact I felt I needed to look a certain way to be accepted. All the way around, I was a very insecure person.

One day I realized that I needed to accept the person I was created to be because there wasn’t anything I could do about my height. Over the years I have learned to love the person I am and use my height to be confident. So if I want to wear heels, I’m going to wear heels. Learning to love my height has helped shape my style and has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone with my fashion.

Be confident in who you are. No one is perfect so don’t worry about trying to be. Everyone has their insecurities but learn to love the person you were created to be.



Mackenzie Rose

Great gift ideas for under $50

The holiday season is crazy busy for everyone and if you’re anything like me you have have NO IDEA what gifts to buy. So to help you, your boyfriend or your family, I have created a list of great gift ideas all $50 or less!!!

Thankfully, Bath and Body Works has a fantastic smelling holiday collection this time of year with tons of candles to choose from. The holiday scents are seriously so great that you can’t go wrong with any them! Best part is, they are only $25!!!

Pandora rings are very popular among girls. They have beautiful selections that any girl would love, and many of them are $50! Just find out their ring size, select one of their elegant, simple styles and BOOM, you’ve got the perfect gift!!

For any makeup look, lipstick is a must. Mac lipsticks are super affordable gifts with so many colors to choose from. Some of my personal favorites are Velvet Teddy, Twig, Mehr and Whirl. These colors go with just about everything and the sleek packaging makes carrying them around easy. These beauties are only $17.50!!!

Another affordable (but super cute) gift idea is MUGS!! You can easily add their favorite candy or a pair of fuzzy socks to make it the perfect gift. Seriously, who doesn’t love drinking coffee out of a Christmas mug?!

Jewelry is always a classic. There are so many online boutiques that make beautiful jewelry without breaking the bank. You can keep it simple and go with a layered look, or go bold and pick a statement necklace that they’ll love.

Lastly, every girl loves a beautiful makeup palette. The Sweet Peach palette by Two Faced is a must for any collection. This palette is $49 and has the perfect shades for almost any look.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you with your shopping during the holiday season!!!


Mackenzie Rose

First blog post

Welcome to my blog!!! My goal with this blog is to share my fashion advice, makeup tips and how/where to get the best deals on clothes. I often have people ask me where I get my clothes or what makeup I use, and I thought this would be a great place to start sharing that information. Hopefully a YouTube channel can be in the future! I am super pumped to start this new adventure and I hope you go on this journey with me!!


Mackenzie Rose