Newest Favorite finds!!!

IMG_5119 I found these adorable blue light glasses on Amazon and I have been loving them!! When you spend a lot of time of the computer, our eyes can get strained. This has caused me to get a lot of headaches so I tried out these glasses! They are so cute and totally help with my eyes while I’m doing schoolwork on my computer!

IMG_0226 I found this ADORABLE watering pump at Target for $3!!! It was in the section that you first see when you walk into Target and I immediately knew I needed to have it. Now we don’t have any live plants in our dorm but I thought this guy was perfect for decoration!



IMG_0228These small glass jars are from the Dollar Tree and have seriously added such a fun look to my bathroom. They were only ONE DOLLAR and can hold your cotton swabs perfectly!

IMG_0229 As you guys know, I love hoop earrings and I have been loving the thick hoop earring trend!! Target has these in gold or silver for $15!!! I saw these and was so excited to see how cheap they were because they look expensive on!! I can’t wait to style these with my outfits this Spring.


IMG_0230 These shoes came out at Target last year and I could NOT find my size anywhere. They were sold out online and in stores so when I saw these, I snatched then real quick. They come in this beautiful yellow color or a pretty baby blue. I got the yellow so I could wear them on game days but I cant not WAIT to wear these this summer!

IMG_0233 This is the last of my finds for this week but I was super excited about this product. It allows you to change the color on your brushes in just one sitting! As much as I do love cleaning my brushes, I can’t clean off an eyeshadow brush while I am in the middle of a makeup look! It is so easy to pull this guy out and just rub it around until the product comes off them go back to using it! This super cute tool is from Ulta and was under $10!!! You seriously need to add this to your collection!


I hope you guys order some of these products because seriously, you need them all! Tag me if you use any of them and let me know what you think!!!


Mackenzie Rose

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