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save-new 28Before I start sharing my everyday skin care routine, I wanted to mention two things. I used to have really bad acne that I could never get rid of so I went to a dermatologist near my house! My dermatologist has seriously helped with some of the really blemishes I could NEVER get rid of. So this routine is what I do to continue to keep my skin clear and to get rid of those pesky pimples. Secondly, my skin is no where near perfect and I am not saying this is the only skin care routine that works, these are just some products I have found that seriously help my skin! Everyone’s skin is different and it’s all about experimenting to find what works best for you!

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You all know I love to wear makeup but at the end of the day, I always make sure to take my makeup off. These Remove Makeup Wipes are from Kroger and are the best makeup wipes ever! They take my makeup off so well and they smell amazing. They are very similar to the Neutrogena Wipes! Please make sure you take your makeup off every night!! It’s so bad for you skin to leave it on overnight.

save-new 26 Every morning when I wake up I use my PanOxyl Acne Face wash. This stuff is AMAZING!!! It really cleans your skin and helps clear those super red breakouts. To make sure I get a really good clean, I use my Foreo Luna face brush. Now this face brush is a little on the expensive side but it so worth the price. It is perfect for traveling and works so well. I also use my Foreo Luna after I take off my makeup in order to make sure I get my skin super clean!

save-new 24For my moisturizer, I use the Pond’s Dry Skin Moisturizer because I have found that my face gets dried out around my nose and chin from the winter cold and my acne gel. I do have really oily skin so I do not use a large amount but this cream is so soothing and keeps your skin from peeling. Even if you have oily skin you need to always moisturize you’re skin to help keep the natural oils on your face and to keep it fresh!

save-new 25I haven’t always used an eye serum but I have been loving this Absolute Eye Cream from Lancome. This product is very pricey but I got a sample of it at the Lancome counter and have found it makes the skin under my eyes so smooth. Some people prefer a gel eye serum over a cream, it is just a personal preference for your skin! That’s one thing I love about skin care,  it’s all about finding what works for you!!

save-new 27 When I take a shower, I wash my face with this super refreshing face scrub. My mom has used this Apricot Scrub Cleanser for as long as I can remember and I have always loved how it cleans my skin. It is always important to exfoliate your skin to make sure your pores are staying clean and refreshed. I put this on as soon as I get in the shower and I let it soak into my skin while I wash my hair in order to get the best clean!!

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To moisturize my arms and legs, I have been loving the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. It is a thicker formula so it really soaks into your skin and provides a layer that really moisturizes those dry areas. I love CeraVe products because they are very gentle of your skin but they also get the job done!



img_4651When I don’t want to use my PanOxyl or Apricot scrub, I use the CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser because it is very gentle on the skin. It cleans really well and keeps the skin very refreshed. For some reason I couldn’t find the bottle I use at school so I just grabbed this picture from Target because I felt I really needed to mention this product to you guys!

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On days I want to really clean my pores or need a deep clean for my skin, I use the Yes To face masks and the Biore Pore Strips!! I love the charcoal pore strips because I find for my skin they really clean my pores. These face mass are also super hydrating and leave my skin looking so beautiful!


If you guys try any of these products, please tag me and let me know what your favorites are!! Hopefully you love these products as much as I do!!


Mackenzie Rose

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