Foundation Favs

I  have a TON of foundations in my makeup collection but I only use about 5 of them. I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite ones and how they work for my skin! I have super oily skin so love anything that makes my skin look super smooth and matte. I am all about full coverage foundations and concealers so hopefully some of favorites make it into your collection as well!!

IMG_0176 I thought I would start off with some concealers that I love to pair with my foundations. The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is a raging through the makeup world and it honestly one of the best around. It is so full coverage that it’s perfect to throw on even without foundation. My second favorite is the Lancome Camouflage Concealer. This concealer is just as full coverage as the Shape Tape but it has a heavy consistency to it. They both as a little on the pricy side but for the quality I think that the price is totally worth the splurge!!!

IMG_0172 2 My all time favorite foundation is the Kat Von D Lock it Foundation. This foundation is certainly not for everyone because it can feel a little heavy on the skin but it provides a flawless full coverage finish. I often don’t even use a concealer when I put on this foundation. For a high end foundation I think the price is worth the amount of product you receive since a little bit goes a long way!

IMG_0174 For my next high end foundation I thought I would mention another favorite of mine, Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation. I will admit, this is the most expensive foundation in bunch I’m showing you but the full coverage finish of this foundation is really amazing. It’s the perfect light weight foundation with full coverage. This would be a great foundation to put on your Christmas list!!

IMG_0171 2 Now on to my drugstore favorites! The LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation is my everyday go-to foundation. This foundation is medium to full coverage and is great for any budget. It’s only $8.99 and Ulta often has a 20% off coupon so you get this one for even cheaper. Although its not as full coverage as my other foundations, it has a buildable coverage that makes it perfect for an everyday wear.

IMG_0173 2 This foundation has been everywhere in the makeup world. It has the perfect applicator and is super full coverage. The Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation is also very budget friendly!!! Ulta has a Wide range of shades in this collection making it easy to find your perfect match.

IMG_0170 2 My last drug store favorite is the Milani 2-in-1 Conceal and Perfect foundation. This foundation has the same full coverage feel as my Kat V Don! Not only is it perfect for any budget, but it is great to just throw on and head out the door. I don’t even use concealer with this foundation either just because it can have a heavier feel on the skin.

I hope this foundation guide helps you find the perfect foundation to add to you collection!


Mackenzie Rose

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