Dorm Room Tour!!!

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It has been a couple of months since my freshman year of college has begun but I figured  I might as well still share my room!! It has taken these three months for me to figure out what organization techniques work for me.

When I was originally planning the colors for my room I wanted everything to be grey. WELL I realized that having my entire room grey really wasn’t going to look too good so I decided to add a subtle color into the mix. Although pink is one of my LEAST favorite colors, I thought accents of light pink would be a great though with the grey. Thanks to Target and Hobby Lobby, I was able to find the perfect accessories for my room and I really love how it all turned out!

save-new 16 I wanted an easy away to hold all my supplies for each class because just pilling them on my desk wasn’t working out. I found this Over the Door File Folder Organizer that works PERFECT for all of my classes. It is less than $15 and comes in a variety of colors! I went with the grey and purchased the 6 pocket organizer just incase I take that many courses. I ended up hanging in on my wall with some command hooks because I already have a shoe rack hanging over my door. It is super spacious and holds a lot of weight. I would highly recommend purchasing one of these for your room because it has kept me so organized!!

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One of my favorite things is jewelry because I needed an easy way to store it so nothing got too tangled. I found this adorable rack at TJ-Maxx and thought it would be perfect!! It is a gorgeous gold color that adds the perfect amount of pop to the room. It could also hold your purses and hair wraps, as well as all the jewelry you bring!

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If you know me, makeup is a must have. I had the hardest time narrowing down what products I was going to bring and what brushes I needed in my everyday collection. I found this adorable makeup shelf that matched my room perfectly and holds all of my everyday products. I got a cute jar to put all of my brushes on and found case for other miscellaneous products as well! I love how slim this storage shelf is and how spacious the drawers are. I couldn’t find the exact link on the TJ-Maxx website but I found something similar that would work perfectly too!!

save-new 21 Although my dorm room is quite spacious, there is still limited amounts of room for storage. I needed an easy way to hold  all my towels and this hanging closet organizer from Ikea works perfect!! It holds a lot of weight and barely takes up any room in my closet, which is great because I need all the closet space I can get! This organizer comes in a variety of colors and is super budget friendly.

save-new 20 The most important part of moving off the school is making it seem as homey as possible. I definitely needed to make sure I had a way to hang pictures of all my favorite memories. This picture decor was only $12 from an antique store but Hobby Lobby has a super cute board that would work just as well!

I hope you found these tips helpful and enjoyed seeing my room!!



Mackenzie Rose

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