Necklace Loving

I have super exciting news!! I have decided to start selling the jewelry that I make! Lately, I have been creating my own necklaces and people have started to ask where they are from. Jewelry is one of my favorite parts of any cute outfit, and I have loved being able to create my own designs. As I have been wearing my new creations, I have had SO many people tell me I need to start selling them, so, that’s what I have decided to do!!! This small step has me so excited for what my future holds in the business industry. My goal is to sell these pieces for affordable prices, because I know that cute jewelry is often super expensive, and being a student on a tight a budget can be difficult.

These pictures are a sneak peak of the designs I am going to be selling, and I have even made a separate Instagram for my blog as well as a place to be able to purchase these adorable creations. Follow my new account to stay updated on new posts and jewelry designs: @themackenzie.rose I am super excited for this new addition to my blog, and I can’t wait to see what other exciting things come my way! Be sure to head over to my new page and get your cute necklace!!!

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