Dorm Room Ideas

For seniors this is a SUPER crazy time of year – there is one thing on our minds: college. We’re stressed about where to go and what is going to be the best fit for us, but in the midst of all the craziness there’s still a very important thing to be thinking about, and that’s dorm rooms ideas!!!!

It’s all about making the most of what you’re given. Some might have the luxury of their own bedroom while others might be sharing a small space with another person. Wherever you’re living, there are plenty of things to make your new home great!

First off, storage is soooo important. Carts are super great for holding all sorts of belongings. They can be used for makeup, food, bathroom supplies or even a super cute coffee stand!! You can find these at Target, on Amazon or anywhere that sells storage. There’s a variety of colors and all different types to help fit your needs and color scheme.

The goal is to make your new space as homey as possible, so cute additions such as signs and fun color palettes can help create a comfortable feel. I personally have a jewelry obsession, so a fun area to hang my jewelry will be a must to add to my dorm!! Also having a color palette with my roommate will be a fun way to find stuff that fits and matching the area.

There are obviously the necessities you need to bring with you to college, and even small items that you wouldn’t even think to bring, like an abundance of extension cords, and medicines for whatever sickness comes your way.

The college transition is definitely a crazy time, but make sure to sit back and enjoy the fun parts before this big part of your life happens!!!



Mackenzie Rose

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