Living the 5’9″ life

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For the longest time, I was insecure about my height.

I am a girl who is almost 5’ 9″… which for a girl is pretty tall! Throughout middle school I was actually one of the shortest ones among my friends, but then one day I was about 2-3 inches taller than them all. Now I’m basically all leg.

Compared to all of my friends, I felt I awkwardly stood out and it made me uncomfortable. At church, I used to stand with one leg bent to try and make myself seem shorter. The worst part was heels. Now being a pageant girl and just a girl in general, I LOVE heels. Half of my shoe collection consists of an arrangement of heels. When I wear heels I am about 6 feet tall. Talk about sticking out! With heels I am often the tallest girl in the room! I can even be taller than most guys.

It drove me insane. I would debate for 20 minutes on whether or not to wear heels with an outfit or if I should just go with the flattest shoe possible. At this time I was feeling very bad about the way I looked. Not only was I insecure about my height, but then I began to pick out my imperfections. I felt maybe I needed to change who I was to fit in other was since my height wasn’t helping me. Being a perfectionist did not help the fact I felt I needed to look a certain way to be accepted. All the way around, I was a very insecure person.

One day I realized that I needed to accept the person I was created to be because there wasn’t anything I could do about my height. Over the years I have learned to love the person I am and use my height to be confident. So if I want to wear heels, I’m going to wear heels. Learning to love my height has helped shape my style and has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone with my fashion.

Be confident in who you are. No one is perfect so don’t worry about trying to be. Everyone has their insecurities but learn to love the person you were created to be.



Mackenzie Rose

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