Newest Favorite finds!!!

IMG_5119 I found these adorable blue light glasses on Amazon and I have been loving them!! When you spend a lot of time of the computer, our eyes can get strained. This has caused me to get a lot of headaches so I tried out these glasses! They are so cute and totally help with my eyes while I’m doing schoolwork on my computer!

IMG_0226 I found this ADORABLE watering pump at Target for $3!!! It was in the section that you first see when you walk into Target and I immediately knew I needed to have it. Now we don’t have any live plants in our dorm but I thought this guy was perfect for decoration!



IMG_0228These small glass jars are from the Dollar Tree and have seriously added such a fun look to my bathroom. They were only ONE DOLLAR and can hold your cotton swabs perfectly!

IMG_0229 As you guys know, I love hoop earrings and I have been loving the thick hoop earring trend!! Target has these in gold or silver for $15!!! I saw these and was so excited to see how cheap they were because they look expensive on!! I can’t wait to style these with my outfits this Spring.


IMG_0230 These shoes came out at Target last year and I could NOT find my size anywhere. They were sold out online and in stores so when I saw these, I snatched then real quick. They come in this beautiful yellow color or a pretty baby blue. I got the yellow so I could wear them on game days but I cant not WAIT to wear these this summer!

IMG_0233 This is the last of my finds for this week but I was super excited about this product. It allows you to change the color on your brushes in just one sitting! As much as I do love cleaning my brushes, I can’t clean off an eyeshadow brush while I am in the middle of a makeup look! It is so easy to pull this guy out and just rub it around until the product comes off them go back to using it! This super cute tool is from Ulta and was under $10!!! You seriously need to add this to your collection!


I hope you guys order some of these products because seriously, you need them all! Tag me if you use any of them and let me know what you think!!!


Mackenzie Rose

Skin Care Lovin’

save-new 28Before I start sharing my everyday skin care routine, I wanted to mention two things. I used to have really bad acne that I could never get rid of so I went to a dermatologist near my house! My dermatologist has seriously helped with some of the really blemishes I could NEVER get rid of. So this routine is what I do to continue to keep my skin clear and to get rid of those pesky pimples. Secondly, my skin is no where near perfect and I am not saying this is the only skin care routine that works, these are just some products I have found that seriously help my skin! Everyone’s skin is different and it’s all about experimenting to find what works best for you!

save-new 22






You all know I love to wear makeup but at the end of the day, I always make sure to take my makeup off. These Remove Makeup Wipes are from Kroger and are the best makeup wipes ever! They take my makeup off so well and they smell amazing. They are very similar to the Neutrogena Wipes! Please make sure you take your makeup off every night!! It’s so bad for you skin to leave it on overnight.

save-new 26 Every morning when I wake up I use my PanOxyl Acne Face wash. This stuff is AMAZING!!! It really cleans your skin and helps clear those super red breakouts. To make sure I get a really good clean, I use my Foreo Luna face brush. Now this face brush is a little on the expensive side but it so worth the price. It is perfect for traveling and works so well. I also use my Foreo Luna after I take off my makeup in order to make sure I get my skin super clean!

save-new 24For my moisturizer, I use the Pond’s Dry Skin Moisturizer because I have found that my face gets dried out around my nose and chin from the winter cold and my acne gel. I do have really oily skin so I do not use a large amount but this cream is so soothing and keeps your skin from peeling. Even if you have oily skin you need to always moisturize you’re skin to help keep the natural oils on your face and to keep it fresh!

save-new 25I haven’t always used an eye serum but I have been loving this Absolute Eye Cream from Lancome. This product is very pricey but I got a sample of it at the Lancome counter and have found it makes the skin under my eyes so smooth. Some people prefer a gel eye serum over a cream, it is just a personal preference for your skin! That’s one thing I love about skin care,  it’s all about finding what works for you!!

save-new 27 When I take a shower, I wash my face with this super refreshing face scrub. My mom has used this Apricot Scrub Cleanser for as long as I can remember and I have always loved how it cleans my skin. It is always important to exfoliate your skin to make sure your pores are staying clean and refreshed. I put this on as soon as I get in the shower and I let it soak into my skin while I wash my hair in order to get the best clean!!

save-new 23

To moisturize my arms and legs, I have been loving the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. It is a thicker formula so it really soaks into your skin and provides a layer that really moisturizes those dry areas. I love CeraVe products because they are very gentle of your skin but they also get the job done!



img_4651When I don’t want to use my PanOxyl or Apricot scrub, I use the CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser because it is very gentle on the skin. It cleans really well and keeps the skin very refreshed. For some reason I couldn’t find the bottle I use at school so I just grabbed this picture from Target because I felt I really needed to mention this product to you guys!

save-new 29

On days I want to really clean my pores or need a deep clean for my skin, I use the Yes To face masks and the Biore Pore Strips!! I love the charcoal pore strips because I find for my skin they really clean my pores. These face mass are also super hydrating and leave my skin looking so beautiful!


If you guys try any of these products, please tag me and let me know what your favorites are!! Hopefully you love these products as much as I do!!


Mackenzie Rose

Favs of 2018!!!

2018 was full of amazing new makeup products! I am excited to show you guys some of my favorite beauty and everyday must have products!

img_0191 The first thing I will be taking about isn’t a beauty product but it’s these adorable earrings! I purchased these earrings at Dress Up Boutique and as soon as they released these I knew I had to have them. I love hoop earrings and I loved how these had extra flare with the diamond studs!!img_0187 This product obviously isn’t a beauty product either but I felt I needed to share these with you all! I got my AirPods as a gift and ever since I received them I have been so obsessed with them. I will be honestly I really listen to music very much before I got these and now I use them all the time. they are perfect for walking to class or traveling because you don’t have to worry about cords all over the place. I got the cute grey case for them on Amazon because I didn’t want to risk loosing them! Seriously, AirPods are amazing and I totally recommend them.

img_0188 Even though I received these towards the end of 2018, they honestly one of my favorite beauty products of last year. I am OBSESSED with Jaclyn Hill and I have always loved her make videos so when her brush collection came out, I knew I had to have it. Even though they are slightly on the expensive side, these brushes are completely worth it!

img_0186 For lipsticks, I literally have so many it was hard to choose my favorites but these three have been some of my ABSOLUTE favs this year. My go to nude is Anatasia Beverly Hills in the shade Stripped. It stays on your lips so well and doesn’t crack. My go pinky-mauve colors are Meet Matt(e) Hughes in the shade Trustworthy and Kylie Jenner Lips in the shade Savage. All of these shades are fairly affordable and really need to be added to your collection in the New Year!!

img_0185 One of my favorite eye shadow palette of the year has been the Too Faced GingerBread Spice palette! This palette unfortunately was seasonal so they don’t sell it anymore but the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is similar! I was so excited when my boyfriend got me this palette because not only does it smell amazing, but these colors are seriously everything. It has allowed me to create so many looks that it is perfect for traveling!

img_0184 So everyone wants to be a bronzed goddess and you can really accomplish that with this bronzer. I have lots of favorite bronzers like Physicians Formal Butter Bronzer but one of my all time favorites for this year is the Anastasia Powder Bronzer in the shade Rosewood . This picture doesn’t do this beautiful color justice. For this new year, you really must add this bronzer to your collection.

img_0180 If you know me, you know I LOVE dry shampoo. I use it everyday because I do have very oily hair. Not only does this dry shampoo smell fantastic but it adds volume into my hair. I love that Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo does add volume because my hair is very straight and flat on top. This dry shampoo is super affordable and you can get at any drugstore! This is the travel size because I ran out of the full sized one!

img_0179 I had always heard a ton about the Mario Badescu facial sprays but I had never tried one until my Big from my sorority got me one! Ever since then I have been OBSESSED and I use it everyday. You can find these at Ulta and they are worth are every penny!

img_0177 My all time favorite foundation is the Kat Von D Lock it Foundation but one of my favorite drug store foundations from this year is the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation. You can get this foundation at Ulta and it is SO affordable that you will fall in love with the price! I just love the easy applicator and how full coverage it looks on the skin!


I hope you love all of these products I have shared and if you decide to add them to your collection this new year, PLEASE take me @mackenziemullin so I can see it too!



Mackenzie Rose

Foundation Favs

I  have a TON of foundations in my makeup collection but I only use about 5 of them. I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite ones and how they work for my skin! I have super oily skin so love anything that makes my skin look super smooth and matte. I am all about full coverage foundations and concealers so hopefully some of favorites make it into your collection as well!!

IMG_0176 I thought I would start off with some concealers that I love to pair with my foundations. The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is a raging through the makeup world and it honestly one of the best around. It is so full coverage that it’s perfect to throw on even without foundation. My second favorite is the Lancome Camouflage Concealer. This concealer is just as full coverage as the Shape Tape but it has a heavy consistency to it. They both as a little on the pricy side but for the quality I think that the price is totally worth the splurge!!!

IMG_0172 2 My all time favorite foundation is the Kat Von D Lock it Foundation. This foundation is certainly not for everyone because it can feel a little heavy on the skin but it provides a flawless full coverage finish. I often don’t even use a concealer when I put on this foundation. For a high end foundation I think the price is worth the amount of product you receive since a little bit goes a long way!

IMG_0174 For my next high end foundation I thought I would mention another favorite of mine, Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation. I will admit, this is the most expensive foundation in bunch I’m showing you but the full coverage finish of this foundation is really amazing. It’s the perfect light weight foundation with full coverage. This would be a great foundation to put on your Christmas list!!

IMG_0171 2 Now on to my drugstore favorites! The LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation is my everyday go-to foundation. This foundation is medium to full coverage and is great for any budget. It’s only $8.99 and Ulta often has a 20% off coupon so you get this one for even cheaper. Although its not as full coverage as my other foundations, it has a buildable coverage that makes it perfect for an everyday wear.

IMG_0173 2 This foundation has been everywhere in the makeup world. It has the perfect applicator and is super full coverage. The Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation is also very budget friendly!!! Ulta has a Wide range of shades in this collection making it easy to find your perfect match.

IMG_0170 2 My last drug store favorite is the Milani 2-in-1 Conceal and Perfect foundation. This foundation has the same full coverage feel as my Kat V Don! Not only is it perfect for any budget, but it is great to just throw on and head out the door. I don’t even use concealer with this foundation either just because it can have a heavier feel on the skin.

I hope this foundation guide helps you find the perfect foundation to add to you collection!


Mackenzie Rose

Dorm Room Tour!!!

save-new 19

It has been a couple of months since my freshman year of college has begun but I figured  I might as well still share my room!! It has taken these three months for me to figure out what organization techniques work for me.

When I was originally planning the colors for my room I wanted everything to be grey. WELL I realized that having my entire room grey really wasn’t going to look too good so I decided to add a subtle color into the mix. Although pink is one of my LEAST favorite colors, I thought accents of light pink would be a great though with the grey. Thanks to Target and Hobby Lobby, I was able to find the perfect accessories for my room and I really love how it all turned out!

save-new 16 I wanted an easy away to hold all my supplies for each class because just pilling them on my desk wasn’t working out. I found this Over the Door File Folder Organizer that works PERFECT for all of my classes. It is less than $15 and comes in a variety of colors! I went with the grey and purchased the 6 pocket organizer just incase I take that many courses. I ended up hanging in on my wall with some command hooks because I already have a shoe rack hanging over my door. It is super spacious and holds a lot of weight. I would highly recommend purchasing one of these for your room because it has kept me so organized!!

save-new 17

One of my favorite things is jewelry because I needed an easy way to store it so nothing got too tangled. I found this adorable rack at TJ-Maxx and thought it would be perfect!! It is a gorgeous gold color that adds the perfect amount of pop to the room. It could also hold your purses and hair wraps, as well as all the jewelry you bring!

save-new 18

If you know me, makeup is a must have. I had the hardest time narrowing down what products I was going to bring and what brushes I needed in my everyday collection. I found this adorable makeup shelf that matched my room perfectly and holds all of my everyday products. I got a cute jar to put all of my brushes on and found case for other miscellaneous products as well! I love how slim this storage shelf is and how spacious the drawers are. I couldn’t find the exact link on the TJ-Maxx website but I found something similar that would work perfectly too!!

save-new 21 Although my dorm room is quite spacious, there is still limited amounts of room for storage. I needed an easy way to hold  all my towels and this hanging closet organizer from Ikea works perfect!! It holds a lot of weight and barely takes up any room in my closet, which is great because I need all the closet space I can get! This organizer comes in a variety of colors and is super budget friendly.

save-new 20 The most important part of moving off the school is making it seem as homey as possible. I definitely needed to make sure I had a way to hang pictures of all my favorite memories. This picture decor was only $12 from an antique store but Hobby Lobby has a super cute board that would work just as well!

I hope you found these tips helpful and enjoyed seeing my room!!



Mackenzie Rose

Sudio Headphones, YES PLEASE!!!!

If you’re looking for some amazing, high quality headphones, you must check out Sudio Niva Headphones!! They are so comfortable and fit into your ears perfectly! I wear mine for working out because they come with a portable, charging case and they stay in my ears throughout my entire workout!

The Niva headphones come in two colors, black and white. With their compact design, they barely take up any space in my purse, car or workout bag. These headphones have great sound quality and you have the luxury of only wearing one headphone if you want! So while you’re walking to class you can put one headphone in and leave the other one in the case. How convenient is that!! The best part of these headphones is with the code “MACKENZIEROSE” you can receive 15% off at checkout! That is seriously such a good deal for these great headphones. Trust me, you won’t regret this purchase! Check out Sudio on social media at @sudio #sudio #sudiomoments

Walmart Goodies

Recently I have noticed that Walmart has seriously stepped up their game in the clothing department. Not only have the styles gotten better, the prices are FANTASTIC!!!! Below I am sharing with you the adorable finds I purchases the other day.

save-new I love the embroidered trend, especially when the details are subtle like on this top. It has the perfect fit for any casual event and it comes in red, black, white and of course blue. I have a habit of purchasing a lot of black and white for my wardrobe so I decided to change things up and get this stunning royal blue. The best part of this top is it’s only $11!! I saw that price and almost bought two! Trust me, this top is essential to your collection and you won’t regret. buying it.

save-new The second piece I bought was this casual, comfy dress. Much like the top above, this dress also comes in an assortment of colors. I loved the mix of green, blue and pink on this dress and thought it was a must-have piece in order to add some color to my wardrobe. It has a tight fitting bodice and an adorable cut out in the waist. I went up a size in this dress because often times tight fitting clothes are short on me because of the fit. So to all my tall girls out there, size up if you purchase this one!! Wait until you here this price: ONLY $10!!! This dress is such a comfy material that makes it perfect to throw on before leaving the house to run some errands. Seriously obsessed with this one!

save-new Okay this jumpsuit was my favorite thing I purchased from Walmart and it’s only $15! I love jumpsuits because they create the perfect look with the least amount of work. This jumpsuit comes in red and black but I thought the red was perfect for the 4th of July! You could totally dress this look up with some cute heels and jewelry or keep in casual like I did. The cropped pant leg adds a fun flair and the key hole waist line is so unique. I can already tell this outfit is going to be one of my favs for the season!

save-new These shoes are the perfect look alike to the Steve Madden Slinky Platform Sandals. These shoes are regularly $70 but at Walmart they’re only $15!! YOU CANT BEAT THAT! They super comfy and are easy to just through on and go. I was so excited when I found these because I had been wanting them for a while but that price was not in my budget. So if you’re wanting these adorable sandals for the summer, stop by Walmart to check them out.

The Girli Girl Experience


Dress shopping can be stressful, trust me I know. I have done pageants for 7 years and finding the perfect dress, whether that be for pageants, prom or homecoming, is not always the most fun activity. Luckily, Girli Girl Boutique has created the PERFECT environment to make sure your dress search is as easy as possible.

With extremely well trained sales associates, you are able to get professional assistance in finding the perfect dress. Friendly staff does an amazing job of making you feel like part of the family and  answering all of your questions. Their main goal is make sure your experience is as easy and stress free as possible.

One of the best parts of this store is we are here to help you create the perfect look. Not only do we have over 2,000 dresses in the store, we have a wide selection of earrings, shoes and belts to help you complete your look.  Don’t see what you’re looking for in store? Let us know and we will happily look up the ordering options for your gown. Our goal is to help you find everything your looking for in one stop because trust me, that mall traffic is NOT fun on a busy Saturday. It’s not often that you can find all of your accessories in one location, with great prices.

Another amazing perk at Girli Girl is that we offer a Layaway system that always you to pay half of your total the day you buy your gown, then over the following 4-6 weeks you can make payments. Best part is that we can take those payments over the phone. Yup, you don’t even have to come into the store. Okay seriously, how fantastic is that.

Our biggest goal: to please and exceed all of your formal dress shopping expectations. We  want you to be so happy with your visit in hopes that you will come back and see us again, even if it is just say hello or bring us coffee 🙂

Vionic Shoes: All about comfort!!

Recently I was able to partner with Vionic Shoes in order to help share the techniques I use to create comfortable outfits for the spring!! This brand has so man adorable shoes that provide amazing comfort. I don’t know about you guys but comfy shoes are a MUST for me. They asked me to write up what I do to assemble cute outfits for the spring and below is my response!!

It’s all about comfort!!! I love comfy layered looks that make it easy to transition into the warmer weather!! Cute jeans are a must for any outfit and you can keep it simple by adding a kimono or light weight sweater with any top!! The most important part of an outfit is shoes!!! It’s so hard to find shoes that are comfortable and stylish but Vionic shoes are the perfect combo of both cute and comfy!!! For any season they have shoes that will rock your wardrobe. Their booties are cute with any outfit and are a perfect transition piece for the spring!!

Be sure to check them out on Instagram!! @vionicshoes

Necklace Loving

I have super exciting news!! I have decided to start selling the jewelry that I make! Lately, I have been creating my own necklaces and people have started to ask where they are from. Jewelry is one of my favorite parts of any cute outfit, and I have loved being able to create my own designs. As I have been wearing my new creations, I have had SO many people tell me I need to start selling them, so, that’s what I have decided to do!!! This small step has me so excited for what my future holds in the business industry. My goal is to sell these pieces for affordable prices, because I know that cute jewelry is often super expensive, and being a student on a tight a budget can be difficult.

These pictures are a sneak peak of the designs I am going to be selling, and I have even made a separate Instagram for my blog as well as a place to be able to purchase these adorable creations. Follow my new account to stay updated on new posts and jewelry designs: @themackenzie.rose I am super excited for this new addition to my blog, and I can’t wait to see what other exciting things come my way! Be sure to head over to my new page and get your cute necklace!!!